You will respect others privacy. 

You will respect the dungeons privacy by behaving in a discrete, careful fashion. 

By Appointment or Explicit Invitation only

The dungeon is private property.

We do not accept walk ups. If you don't have an appointment or an announcement of a public party, you will be considered trespassing. 


You will only play with explicitly consenting partners 18 years or older. We reserve the right to directly verify this with all parties. We believe victims and will report crimes on our property.

Clean up
As a matter of safety the space must be thoroughly cleaned before and after each renter.  For us to be able to ensure a reasonable rate and fast turn around we have certain expectations for those who use the space. If you are unable to accommodate this we may arrange a cleaning fee depending on the level of need (beginning at an additional $50).


Condoms should be thrown into the trash. 

Bodily fluids, used lubricant puddles/smears  and bodily waste and need to be cleaned with disposable cloths and Cavicide. Used needles, scalpels, staples etc need to go into a SHARPS container. 

Wet Play

Those who experience more fluids during play are asked to use barrier cloths. 

Sexual Play on the mattress requires a waterproof cloth tarp!


Used dungeon gear and toys should receive a general wipe down with Cavicide and Rubbing Alchohol. Our gear should then be gathered into the used toy bins or left orderly in a designated area, so that they may receive a more thorough sanitization. This process may be demonstrated for renters as needed. Furniture should be wiped down and returned to original position.

Please move items back exactly where you found them unless in the collection areas. 

If gear has multiple pieces you are expected to keep the gear intact with all of its parts. 

You are expected to handle gear with care. You are responsible for damages.

 Damages You are responsible for ALL broken or damaged items.

Trash should be thrown away and recycled items put in the proper receptacle. Rinse recycled goods of beverages and food.

If you are hosting a party the trash will need to go with you as we are not a commercial venue and have a regular trash can. 


No screaming inside or outside of the building.

Keep noises to a considerate level. The building is not soundproof.

 The neighbors can easily hear noise on the patio.  Please subdue your sounds to a conversation level.


Park in our driveway and in front of our property. If you have a lot of guests be sure they do not block neighbors driveways or they will be towed. BE COURTEOUS TO OUR NEIGHBORS IN ALL WAYS.